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shared accounts have scaling limits

each dept has their own account does not always work well

  • issues with reorgs and reassignment of projects

accounts around apps or micro services -->

make sure that the governance mechanisms do not slow you down and not let you move faster

embrace the genius of the AND.

  • governance vs agility does have to be a binary decision!

pick your governance philosophy early and know it will evolve /blogs/mt gh/awslabs/aws-config-rules

for very risk averse gov organizations the mission critical apps are now going to the cloud withuot much push back

where is iron mountain??

DynamoDB patterns


DynamoDB streams and Lambda stored procedures vs lambda -- offload the cpu overhead from the db server to lambda

  • design patterns

Write Sharding - handling high velocity writes

** Dynamo DB Accelerator (DAX)

** Targeting Queries

** Vertical Partitioning

**creating partion locks

dynamodb is a distributed request pattern

Hierarchical Data -- composite key modeling **

for country, state, city, office -> composite key was#sea#blackfoot

adjacency lists and materialized graphs

gsi -

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