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Created December 21, 2011 08:30
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Full e-mail address validation for Django

Out of the box, Django e-mail fields for both database models and forms only accept plain e-mail addresses. For example, is accepted.

On the other hand, full e-mail addresses which include a human-readable name, for example the following address fails validation in Django:

Joe Hacker <>

This package adds support for validating full e-mail addresses.

Database model example

from django import models
from full_email.models import FullEmailField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    email = FullEmailField()

Forms example

from django import forms
from full_email.formfields import FullEmailField

class MyForm(forms.Form):
    email = FullEmailField(label='E-mail address')
from django import forms
from .validators import validate_full_email
class FullEmailField(forms.EmailField):
default_validators = [validate_full_email]
from django.db import models
from . import formfields
from .validators import validate_full_email
class FullEmailField(models.EmailField):
default_validators = [validate_full_email]
def formfield(self, **kwargs):
defaults = {'form_class': formfields.FullEmailField}
return super(FullEmailField, self).formfield(**defaults)
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
from unittest import TestCase
from django.core.validators import email_re, EmailValidator, ValidationError
from . import validators
from import raises
class ValidateFullEmail_Tests(TestCase):
def test_normal_valid_email(self):
"""A normal valid e-mail address validates correctly"""
def test_fullname(self):
"""A valid e-mail address with a full name validates correctly"""
validators.validate_full_email(u'John Doe <>')
def test_quoted_fullname(self):
"""A valid e-mail address with a quoted full name validates correctly"""
validators.validate_full_email(u'"Doe, John" <>')
def test_unicode_fullname(self):
"""A valid e-mail address with a Unicode name validates correctly"""
validators.validate_full_email(u'"Übergeek, Jörg" <>')
def test_incomplete_domain(self):
"""An incomplete domain in an e-mail address fails validation"""
def test_fullname_and_incomplete_domain(self):
"""An incomplete domain in a full e-mail address fails validation"""
validators.validate_full_email(u'Jörg <joerg@ubergeek>')
from django.core.validators import email_re, EmailValidator, ValidationError
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
class FullEmailValidator(EmailValidator):
def __call__(self, value):
super(FullEmailValidator, self).__call__(value)
except ValidationError, e:
# Trivial case failed. Try for possible Full Name <email@address>
if value and u'<' in value and value.endswith(u'>'):
parts = value.rsplit(u'<', 1)
fullname_part = parts[0].rstrip()
email_part = parts[1][:-1]
super(EmailValidator, self).__call__(email_part)
validate_full_email = FullEmailValidator(email_re,
_(u'Enter a valid e-mail address.'),
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@JordanReiter has packaged this properly in his django-full-emali repository. Thanks Jordan!

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