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Created Nov 19, 2019
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Custom tag for ColdFusion implementing cache busting
Goal: implement timestamp-based cache busting
For example: instead of loading a javascript file from "", it'll load it from ""
Usage examples:
- add as global tag and: <CF_js_script src="/js/myscript.js">
- <cfimport prefix="akaita" taglib="customTags"> and then <akaita:js_script src="/js/myscript.js"></akaita:js_script>
<CFIF thisTag.executionMode IS "start">
<CFSET scriptFile = expandPath(attributes.src)>
<CFIF fileExists(scriptFile)>
<CFSET fileInfo = getFileInfo(scriptFile)>
<CFSET timeStamp = dateFormat(fileInfo.lastModified, "yyyymmdd")
& timeFormat(fileInfo.lastModified, "HHmmss")>
<CFOUTPUT>File #attributes.src# not found</CFOUTPUT>
<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="#attributes.src#?ver=#timestamp#"></SCRIPT>
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