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YouTube Fragment Bookmarklet - Link to a specific portion of a video.
/*jslint */
/*global movie_player */
(function () {
var id = document.querySelector('meta[itemprop="videoId"]').content,
w;'YouTube Fragment Bookmarklet\n' +
'Keyboard shortcuts:\n' +
'Mark in ........... I\n' +
'Mark out .......... O\n' +
'Open .............. N\n' +
'Exit .............. Esc');
function open() {
var result = '' + id + '?start=' + markIn + '&end=' + markOut + '&autoplay=1';
w =, 'addwindow');
setTimeout(function () {
}, 250);
document.addEventListener('keyup', function shortcutsHandler(e) {
if (e.keyCode === 73) {
markIn = movie_player.getCurrentTime();'Start set to ' + markIn +
'\nNow pick End time.');
} else if (e.keyCode === 79) {
markOut = movie_player.getCurrentTime();
if (markOut < markIn) {
console.warn('End time is before start time. Try again!');
} else {'End time set to ' + markOut +
'\nNow press N to open the video fragment in a new window');
if (markIn && markOut && markIn < markOut && e.keyCode === 78) {
if (e.keyCode === 27) {
document.removeEventListener('keyup', shortcutsHandler);'YouTube Fragment Bookmarklet says goodbye!');

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akaleeroy commented Aug 23, 2014

YouTube Fragment Bookmarklet

Enables you to generate a link to a specific portion of a YouTube video. This media fragment format differs from the deep link format (#t=03m58s) in that you can specify a start and end time:


While watching a video on, click the bookmarklet.

A set of keyboard shortcuts activates:

Mark in ............. I

Sets the start parameter to where you are in the video at the moment.
Example value: 340.130941

Mark out ........... O

Sets the end parameter to where you are in the video at the moment.
Example value: 369.228941

Open ................ N

Opens a new window with the media fragment
Example value:

Exit .................. Esc

Disables the keyboard shortcuts


What I've found about YouTube media fragment links:

  • AS3 Flash Player (/v/), which is deprecated as of January 2015, supports precise seeking (end=365.728416).
    For instance "This is socioeconomic entropy" would fail with the HTML5 player because it cuts off words from the next sentence spoken.
  • HTML5 (/embed/) only supports positive integers (end=366)
  • Deep link with #t=365.7 accepts precise seeking but doesn't allow end time.
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