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Disable f.lux when specific display connected
; Listens for display connected and checks its name against TARGET_DISPLAYS
; then automates "disable for fullscreen apps" option
; CONFIGURE your projector/TV here. Use the names from Screen resolution control panel
global TARGET_DISPLAYS := "MP-CL1A,SONY TV XV" ; MatchList
; [Beginner question and script for dual monitors](
OnMessage(0x7E, "onDisplayChange")
onDisplayChange() {
Sleep 500
; If projectors or TVs attached disable f.lux for fullscreen apps
; Disregards software disconnection. If the cable is attached it counts
getMonitors() {
wmi := ComObjGet("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" A_ComputerName "\root\wmi")
; SWbemObjectSet with InstanceName properties
return wmi.ExecQuery("Select * from WMIMonitorID")
areDisplaysAttached(targetUserFriendlyNames) {
areAttached := 0
For monitor in getMonitors() {
fname :=
for char in monitor.UserFriendlyName
fname .= chr(char)
if fname in %targetUserFriendlyNames%
areAttached = 1
return areAttached
; f.lux automation by registry write and restart
; :+1: no UI automation
; :-1: requires process restart for settings to take effect (FOHCTLAN)
; *[FOHCTLAN]: flash of high color temperature light at night
getFluxPath() {
A_DetectHiddenWindowsOld := A_DetectHiddenWindows
DetectHiddenWindows, On
WinGet, fluxPath, ProcessPath, ahk_exe flux.exe
DetectHiddenWindows, %A_DetectHiddenWindowsOld%
return fluxPath
restartFlux() {
fluxPath := getFluxPath()
Process, Close, flux.exe
; Try path from process and fallback to default if not
if (fluxPath)
; Set working dir to something that won't be moved or renamed
; because it will be locked while running
Run, %fluxPath%, "%LOCALAPPDATA%"
Run, "%LOCALAPPDATA%\FluxSoftware\Flux\flux.exe", "%LOCALAPPDATA%"
setFluxFullscreenDisable(val := "toggle") {
fluxPrefs = HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Michael Herf\flux\Preferences
setting = fullscreendisable
; Read current setting value
RegRead, currentVal, %fluxPrefs%, %setting%
; No valid argument passed, toggle current value
val := !(val = 0 or val = 1) ? !currentVal : val
; Only if changed, save a restart cycle
if (val != currentVal) {
; Write new value
RegWrite, REG_DWORD, %fluxPrefs%, %setting%, %val%
FileAppend, % setting "=" val "`n", *
return val

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@akaleeroy akaleeroy commented Mar 1, 2019

Alpha release, subject to change, made obsolete since f.lux 4.86 beta

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