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package com.helloBlock.contracts
import net.corda.core.contracts.*
import net.corda.core.contracts.Requirements.using
import net.corda.core.transactions.LedgerTransaction
import com.helloBlock.states.helloBlockState
// ************
// * Contract *
// ************
// Contract and state.
class helloBlockContract: Contract {
companion object {
// Used to identify our contract when building a transaction.
const val ID = "com.helloBlock.contracts.helloBlockContract"
// Contract code.
override fun verify(tx: LedgerTransaction) {
val command = tx.commands.requireSingleCommand<Commands.Send>()
val helloBlock = tx.outputsOfType<helloBlockState>().single()
"Sender must sign the message." using (helloBlock.origin.owningKey == command.signers.single())
// Used to indicate the transaction's intent.
interface Commands : CommandData {
class Send : Commands
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