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package com.helloBlock.contracts;
import net.corda.core.contracts.CommandData;
import net.corda.core.contracts.CommandWithParties;
import net.corda.core.contracts.Contract;
import net.corda.core.contracts.TypeOnlyCommandData;
import net.corda.core.transactions.LedgerTransaction;
import com.helloBlock.states.helloBlockState;
import org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull;
import static net.corda.core.contracts.ContractsDSL.requireSingleCommand;
import static net.corda.core.contracts.ContractsDSL.requireThat;
// ************
// * Contract *
// ************
// Contract and state.
public class helloBlockContract implements Contract {
// Used to identify our contract when building a transaction.
public static final String ID = "com.helloBlock.contracts.helloBlockContract";
// Contract code.
public void verify(@NotNull LedgerTransaction tx) throws IllegalArgumentException {
final CommandWithParties<Commands.Send> command = requireSingleCommand(tx.getCommands(), Commands.Send.class);
requireThat(require -> {
final helloBlockState helloBlock = tx.outputsOfType(helloBlockState.class).get(0);
require.using("Sender must sign the message.", helloBlock.getOrigin().getOwningKey().equals(command.getSigners().get(0)));
return null;
// Used to indicate the transaction's intent.
public interface Commands extends CommandData {
class Send extends TypeOnlyCommandData {}
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