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Grabs profile pictures of a person/place/thing from Wikipedia. This function will check for all images associated with an article's title and compare those images against the images inside the infobox (typically the box on the top right hand corner of an article), returning the WikiMedia URLs of the images inside the infobox.
def figure_wikipedia_pic(figure_name, image_size):
wiki_images_get = requests.get("" % figure_name)
wiki_json = wiki_images_get.json()
wiki_page_json = requests.get("" % figure_name).json()
wiki_page_json = str(wiki_page_json)
pages = wiki_json['query']['pages']
images = [pages[key] for key in pages.keys()][0]['images'] #flatten list, this might not work
first_image = None
if len(images) > 0:
for image_dict in images:
formatted_image_name = image_dict['title'].split(":")[1]
if string.find(wiki_page_json, formatted_image_name) > -1:
first_image = image_dict
if first_image != None:
image_info = requests.get("" % first_image['title']).json()
image_query = image_info['query']
pages = image_query['pages']
image_urls = []
for page_key in pages.keys():
image_info_dict = {}
if "title" in pages[page_key].keys():
raw_image_title = pages[page_key]["title"]
image_title = raw_image_title.split(":")[1].replace(" ", "_")
if "imageinfo" in pages[page_key].keys():
imageinfo = pages[page_key]['imageinfo']
for info in imageinfo:
url_split = info['url'].split("commons")
url_split.insert(1, "commons/thumb")
formatted_url = "".join(url_split)
resized_url = "%s/%dpx-%s" % (formatted_url, image_size, image_title)
image_urls.append({'url' : resized_url, 'title' : image_title})
return image_urls
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