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karmi /
Created April 8, 2011 17:15
Field notes gathered during installing and configuring ElasticSearch for Website Search: Field Notes

These are field notes gathered during installation of website search facility for the ElasticSearch website.

You may re-use it to put a similar system in place.

The following assumes:

mrdoob / RequestAnimationFrame.js
Created February 22, 2011 14:50
Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
* Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
* @author paulirish /
if ( !window.requestAnimationFrame ) {
window.requestAnimationFrame = ( function() {
return window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
nailor /
Created November 11, 2010 09:52
SequentialID and MonotonicID to use for CouchDBs not-so-random-IDs
import random
from datetime import datetime
import struct
import binascii
class SequentialID(object):
def __init__(self):
self.rng = random.Random()