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Rémi Verschelde akien-mga

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akien-mga / gist:ee75a500097999e2187d25935ee7347d
Last active Jun 19, 2021
Libera.Chat registration for Godot Engine
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should confirm that my @akien-mga account is a maintainer of @godotengine.
akien-mga / mga-sdl12-deps.txt
Last active May 28, 2021
SDL 1.2 reverse deps in Mageia Cauldron
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$ urpmq --whatrequires lib64SDL1.2_0 | uniq
View steam-log_controller-test.txt
// Connecting Steam Controller (BLE). Controller works in desktop mode.
Local Device Found
type: 28de 1106
path: /dev/hidraw2
serial_number: f9:c6:55:fd:85:60 - 0
Product: SteamController
Release: 0
Interface: -1
akien-mga / gist:6892064ad5acb8a2aa65a655e16845a1
Created Aug 27, 2017 — forked from lonnen/gist:3101795
git grep and git blame. two great tastes that taste great together
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# from i8ramin -
# runs git grep on a pattern, and then uses git blame to who did it
ggb() {
git grep -n $1 | while IFS=: read i j k; do git blame -L $j,$j $i | cat; done
# small modification for git egrep bash
geb() {
git grep -E -n $1 | while IFS=: read i j k; do git blame -L $j,$j $i | cat; done
View doctool-2.1-vs-3.0.diff
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
--- classes-2.1.xml 2017-07-01 19:54:14.497780061 +0200
+++ classes-3.0.xml 2017-07-01 19:54:31.844097632 +0200
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
-<doc version="2.1.4.beta.custom_build" name="Engine Types">
+<doc version="3.0.alpha.custom_build" name="Engine Types">
<class name="@GDScript" category="Core">
View openssl-1.0.2h-godot.diff
diff --git a/thirdparty/openssl/crypto/o_str.c b/thirdparty/openssl/crypto/o_str.c
index c10842300..7e61cde85 100644
--- a/thirdparty/openssl/crypto/o_str.c
+++ b/thirdparty/openssl/crypto/o_str.c
@@ -64,11 +64,7 @@
#if !defined(OPENSSL_IMPLEMENTS_strncasecmp) && \
-#ifdef _WIN32
-#include <string.h>
akien-mga / mesh-analysis.txt
Created Mar 24, 2015
OpenDungeons mesh/materials correspondance
View mesh-analysis.txt
=== Scanning mesh files ===
AdventurerBed.mesh: AdventurerBed
Adventurer.mesh: Adventurer
Anvil.mesh: Anvil
Axe1.mesh: axt
Bed.mesh: Wood
Bed.mesh: WhiteCloth
Bed.mesh: Blanket
BeetleGolem.mesh: Material.002
Bookcase.mesh: Bookcase
akien-mga / texture-analyse.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
OpenDungeons texture analyse
View texture-analyse.txt
== Texture: AdventurerBed.png ==
. Files matching the filename:
. Matched material definition: AdventurerBed
. Extracted material name: AdventurerBed
== Texture: Adventurer.png ==
. Files matching the filename:
View gist:b8912656e30cbff3079f
[akien@cauldron sumwars-0.5.8]$ LC_ALL=C ./sumwars
[D] /home/akien/Mageia/Sandbox/sumwars/SOURCES/sumwars-0.5.8/src/gui/application.cpp:160 init > Initialized logging. Level: 4369
Creating resource group General
Creating resource group Internal
Creating resource group Autodetect
SceneManagerFactory for type 'DefaultSceneManager' registered.
Registering ResourceManager for type Material
Registering ResourceManager for type Mesh
Registering ResourceManager for type Skeleton
MovableObjectFactory for type 'ParticleSystem' registered.
akien-mga / ogre.spec
Created Mar 19, 2014
Relibification of OGRE
View ogre.spec
Index: SPECS/ogre.spec
--- SPECS/ogre.spec (révision 605133)
+++ SPECS/ogre.spec (copie de travail)
@@ -1,16 +1,18 @@
%define oname OGRE
-%define uversion %(echo %{version}| tr . _)
-%define libname %mklibname %{name} %{uversion}