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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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Active Pattern sample from F#, THIS AINT A GAME by ANDREA MAGNORSKY
let (|SpaceKey|) (keyboard:KeyboardInput) =
let (|Hold100ms|) (keyboard:KeyboardInput) =
keyboard.KeyPressedFor(Key.I, 100)
match DualityApp.Keyboard with
| SpaceKey true & Hold100ms false -> playerGo Jump
| SpaceKey true & Hold100ms true -> playerGo DoubleJump
let (|LeftKey|RightKey|OtherKey|) (keyboard:KeyboardInput) =
if keyboard.KeyPressed(Key.Left) then LeftKey
elif keyboard.KeyPressed(Key.Right) then RightKey
else OtherKey "Hi, you pressed a key...well that is interesting :D"
interface ICmpUpdatable with
member this.OnUpdate()=
match DualityApp.Keyboard with
| LeftKey -> playerGo Left
| RightKey-> playerGo Right
| OtherKey s-> ()
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