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Automatically mount shared windows folders at boot on linux w/ systemd

Automount of CIFS (smbfs) folders w/ systemd

i.e. mounting your Windows shares on Linux at boot

First, let's see how to mount the remote directory. Assume that there is a shared folder over the network at \\\users\self\shared which is accessible with user myuser and password secret123.

We could mount it manually in /mnt/winshare with:

# mount -t cifs // /mnt/winshare -o user=myuser,password=secret123

This should work on your Linux box, because systemd will basically call mount with the same arguments: What (//, Where (/mnt/winshare) and Options (user=myuser,password=secret123).

To configure systemd to automatically mount that network folder on boot, there are 2 files needed: mnt-winshare.mount and mnt-winshare.automount. The .mount unit file specifies how to mount a drive (man systemd.mount for details), while the .automount unit file specifies what to mount automatically on boot (man systemd.automount).

Important! Note that the name of the file must map to the actual filesystem mount target, that is mnt-winshare.(auto)mount refers to /mnt/winshare. E.g. to mount in /home/user/myfolder the file names must be home-user-myfolder.(auto)mount.

The content of the files is the following:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/mnt-winshare.mount
Description=Remote Win Mount




# cat /etc/systemd/system/mnt-winshare.automount
Description=Automount Remote Win Mount



The former file goes in /etc/systemd/system/mnt-winshare.mount while the latter /etc/systemd/system/mnt-winshare.automount.

Then, reload the units to ensure everything is to its latest version:

# systemctl daemon-reload

At this point, we should be able to manually mount and unmount the remote folder using systemctl:

# systemctl start mnt-winshare.mount
# systemctl stop mnt-winshare.mount

This will not, however, automatically mount the system at startup. To do so, just enable the automount

# systemctl enable mnt-winshare.automount

And this should be it!

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mothdotmonster commented May 14, 2022

Add uid=1000,gid=1000 (or whatever your uid/gid is) to the .mount file options line to get permissions to work properly.

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