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# Gems for JRuby 1.4.0 (1.8.7)
gem install jruby-openssl activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter activerecord-jdbcpostgresql-adapter warbler jetty-rails glassfish
gem install rails mongrel acts_as_tree acts_as_versioned activerecord-tableless annotate erubis haml haml-edge inherited_resources nifty-generators rack rack-cache racksh will_paginate
gem install cucumber rspec rspec-rails email_spec factory_girl faker fakeweb log4r mocha quietbacktrace rcov webrat Selenium tarantula mash wirble hirb
gem install authlogic authlogic-oid bundler closure-compiler coderay compass cs-active_form dry_scaffold feed-normalizer formtastic has_scope htmlentities validatable liquid paperclip responders searchlogic settingslogic tlsmail yui-compressor jammit lockdown
gem install BlueCloth lesstile markaby RedCloth nokogiri hpricot httparty httpclient mechanize rest-client xml-simple restfulie prawn rss-client soap4r xmpp4r xmpp4r-simple maruku gruff sax-machine
gem install do_mysql do_postgres do_sqlite3 dbd-odbc dbi sequel mongo mongomapper couchrest dm-appengine
gem install aws-s3 calendar_date_select google-appengine camping sinatra data_mapper data_objects fastercsv friendly friendly_id fuzzy_file_finder geoip grit jeweler newgem octopi open4 archive-tar-minitar rubyzip runt whenever yamler yard gemcutter twitter vlad sproutcore ruby-mp3info ruby-yadis memcache-client oauth ruby-openid scheduler recurrence gettext locale rio
gem install akitaonrails-lw-pagto-certo akitaonrails-utility_belt brazilian-rails locarails
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