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Created October 24, 2013 17:40
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Upgrading Vagrant from the default Virtualbox provider to VMWare Fusion on the Mac

I had some headaches yesterday while trying to upgrade to VMWare Fusion with Vagrant.

The steps that work are:

  • export your boxes from Virtualbox to OVA files
  • run 'vagrant destroy' on all your boxes
  • uninstall Virtualbox using the uninstaller script in the installer DMG
  • download VMWare Fusion
  • run 'vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion' to install the provider plugin
  • run 'vagrant plugin license vagrant-vmware-fusion license.lic' to install the license you just bought
  • from VMWare, import the OVA files (probably optional, I didn't try to open the OVA)
  • run 'vagrant up' from where your Vagrantfile is. It will create an empty brand new box from your config
  • now open VMWare, open the settings for the newly created vagrant boxes, remove the Harddrive
  • after removing, add a new harddrive device and choose "from existing disk" and then point to the imported box (from the OVA) and choose the vmdk disk. It will recommend you to copy it over to the new machine, do that.
  • if it is Linux, start the machine from VMWare login using 'vagrant' password 'vagrant'
  • run 'sudo /opt/[VBoxGuestAdditions ...]/
  • run 'vagrant reload' to restart the machine
  • from VMWare go the Machine menu and install vmware tools. It will download an ISO. if your linux box doesn't mount it, find the linux.iso within the VMWare application, open it and copy to the shared /vagrant folder.
  • install the VMWare tools
  • final 'vagrant reload', you're up!
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vlaube commented Oct 31, 2013

was very useful, thank you!

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miki725 commented May 16, 2014


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