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@akostadinov akostadinov/cucumber_pry
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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hack cucumber to have an entry point to debug abd continue scenario after failure
# execute this code to fall into a pry session upoon step failure
# works only with cucumber 1.3
# so far for 2.0 best similar approach is to us the After hook
# fall into pry/buybug if scenario.failed? is true
# After hook works for 1.3 as well
Cucumber::Ast::StepInvocation.class_eval do
## first make sure we don't lose original accept method
unless self.instance_methods.include?(:orig_accept)
alias_method :orig_accept, :accept
## wrap original accept method to catch errors in executed step
def accept(visitor)
if @exception && !"Cucumber::")
# @exception = nil # to continue with following steps
# cd visitor.runtime/@support_code
# cd @programming_languages[0].current_world
# binding.pry
# visitor.configuration
require 'pry'
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