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akrabat/post.swift Secret

Created Mar 5, 2017
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OpenWhisk action to POST to a server
import KituraNet
import SwiftyJSON
func main(args: [String:Any]) -> [String:Any] {
let url = ""
let dataToSend = ["foo": ["bar": "baz"]]
var result: [String:Any] = ["result": "No response"]
postJsonTo(url, data: dataToSend) { response in
do {
let str = try response!.readString()!
if let jsonDictionary = JSON.parse(string: str).dictionaryObject {
result = jsonDictionary
} catch {
print("Error \(error)")
return result
func postJsonTo(_ url: String, data: [String:Any], callback: @escaping ClientRequest.Callback) {
let jsonBody = WhiskJsonUtils.dictionaryToJsonString(jsonDict: data) ?? ""
let base64Body = Data(jsonBody.utf8)
postTo(url, body: base64Body, headers: ["Content-Type": "application/json"], callback: callback)
func postTo(_ url: String, body: Data, headers: [String: String], callback: @escaping ClientRequest.Callback) {
var options: [ClientRequest.Options] = [
var result: [String:Any] = ["result": "No response"]
let request = HTTP.request(options, callback: callback)
request.write(from: body)
request.end() // send request
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