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Ruby program to simulate coin tosses until a selected pattern is matched. Two distinct patterns are examined and compared statistically.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# coins.rb
# count average flips until HTH is reached
def flip ; rand(2) == 1 ? 'H' : 'T' ; end
# 'HTH'.count_flips
class String
def count_flips
target = self.to_s
src = ''
count = 0
while (target != src) # loop until we match the target
src += flip # append new toss
count += 1 # count flips
src.slice!(0,1) if src.size > target.size
count # return flip count
# Enumerable didn't include this -- why?
class Array
def sum
def average
Float(self.sum) / self.nitems
# average_flips
# count coin flips until a target is reached
# do this repeated for a day, then average those counts.
# Simulate human-speed coin flips by estimating time for each flip, and
# assuming constant flipping for 24 hours, without a break.
$flip_time = 4 # 4 seconds per flip
$max_flips_per_day = 24 * 60 * 60 / $flip_time
class String
def flip_stats
target = self
counts = []
(1..$max_flips_per_day).each{|i| counts += [target.count_flips]}
min_count, max_count = counts.minmax
average_count = counts.average
[min_count, max_count, average_count]
['HTH', 'HTT'].each {|target|
puts "Computing #{target} stats.." if $DEBUG
(min, max, avg) = target.flip_stats
printf "Target: %s Coin flip stats: min: %4.1f max: %5.1f avg: %5.1f\n", target, min, max, avg

Sample output:

$ ./coins.rb 
Target: HTH  Coin flip stats: min:  3.0  max:  69.0  avg:  10.0
Target: HTT  Coin flip stats: min:  3.0  max:  53.0  avg:   8.0
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