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This document contains description about most of my projects and tasks done during the GSoC period with Zulip.

Hi, there! This is Akshat and here I have documented the projects and tasks that I have done during pre-GSoC period and GSoC period, 2021. My contributions include from minor bug fixing to major feature integrations.

PRs merged during the pre-GSoC time:

  • markdown: Fix Youtube and Vimeo preview overriding markdown link titles bug. #16319
  • emoji: Add padding around the gif on GIF emoji upload. #16466
  • docs: Update guidelines to URL-encode stream name or topic name. #16581
  • markdown: Fix merging of separate quotations. #16665
  • markdown: Fix flickering of embedded link inside Italic. #16708
  • message view: Allow unmute a topic from its recipient bar. #16871
  • markdown: Add support to shorten GitHub links. #16916
  • message view: Add hotkey hint. #16931
  • linkifiers: Add setting to edit linkifiers. #17045
  • url preview: Update Zulip User-Agent. #17104
  • bots settings: Stop modal from getting closed when error is shown. #18109
  • notifications: Add support for no sound option in Notification sound. #18274
  • markdown: Fix silent wildcard mentions bug. #18426

PRs merged during the GSoC time period:

  • linkifiers: Add joint validation for linkifier urls and patterns. #16860
  • markdown: Add support for user group silent mention and other followups. #18529
  • refactor: Extract linkifier non-settings logic from markdown.js. #18538
  • markdown: Fix shebang line eliminating behaviour of Codehilite. #18608
  • settings: Make MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH a server-level setting. #18683
  • Refactor: Use responses module to mock HTTP responses. #18754
  • test_push_notifications: Use responses module to mock HTTP responses. #18811
  • refactor: Export non-markdown logic in #18831
  • models: Update group_match_regex to correctly detect parameters in url_format_string. #18889
  • webhooks/slack_incoming: Update regex to correctly convert emphasis. #18980
  • message_view: Add resolve topic button in message recipient bar. #19011
  • tooltip: Improve tooltip placement for User sidebar. #19136
  • composebox_typeahead: Open typeahead immediately when @ is entered. #19160
  • recipient_row: Shift topic edit form code to the above of external link. #19174
  • topic_edit_form: Restyle topic edit save button with logo colours. #19183
  • tooltip: Improve tooltip visibility for message control buttons. #19184
  • recipient_bar: Change CSS of unresolve topic icon to that of resolve icon. #19204
  • resolve topic: Add is:resolved search keyword/filtering support. #19230
  • refactor: Use assert_length helper instead of assertTrue/assertEqual. #19233
  • notification: Fix "narrow to..." link present above composebox. #19345
  • fenced_code: Add process_contents flag to de-duplicate code. #19352
  • composebox_typeahead: Prevent default actions only after triggering the focus. #19407
  • composebox_typeahead: Re-add comment to explain the need of nextFocus variable. #19408

Pending/Work-In-Progress PRs:

  • markdown: Add support for online mentions. #16964
  • markdown: Add hl_lines support to Markdown Processor. #16984
  • message_edit: Fix unmute of topic when topic name is edited. #17031
  • compose: Fix message lost during server downtime. #17386
  • markdown: Re-enable backslash escape inline pattern. #17511
  • markdown: Improve Twitter card integration. #17616
  • registration: Add support to import user GitHub avatar. #17781
  • message-editing: Add support for Copy button when message is editable. #18064
  • help: Update documentation to mute/unmute the topic. #18431
  • settings: Fix unnecessary edit linkifier error display and use tippy tooltip instead of HTML title. #18470
  • markdown: Don't convert emoticons present inside blockquote. #18577
  • markdown: Add Kroki integration to render diagrams from textual descriptions. #18658
  • drafts: Add hotkey hint to restore draft. #18819
  • models: Add render_format_string field in RealmFilter model. #18914
  • [WIP] emoji: Populate emoji_codes.json with emojis in emoji-datasource-google. #19386
  • filter: Filter out muted topics in message_in_home. #19479
  • [WIP] emoji: Update unicode emoji regex. #19538
  • typeahead_helper: Update typeahead priority order logic for recipients. #19554
  • filter: Show typeahead suggestions if search query has search filters. #19566

I will try to get most of these PRs merged after the GSoC period.
To view my all merged commits, please check this link.

Issues Opened:

  • Insert the quoted content at the cursor position instead of prepending it to the beginning. #16836
  • Whitespace is getting stripped from the input when message is edited. #16837
  • Incorrect rendering of YouTube Titles. #16970
  • compose: Fix extra whitespace area under the compose box in the preview mode. #19243
  • Make User Profile Picture Adjustable. #16579
  • markdown: Add support for link shortener. #17971

Upstream PR and issue opened:

  • markdown: Add missing attribute to Markdown stub. #5544
  • UnescapePostprocessor doesn't escape the HTML characters. #1127

Final Words

GSoC experience with Zulip had been amazing for me. And I would like to thank the whole community for this, especially my mentor Rohitt Vashishtha and Tim Abbott for such an amazing experience. I look forward to keep contributing to this community where I started with knowing nothing to exploring various domains and I am really grateful that I chose Zulip as my first Open Source organisation.

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