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Last active May 20, 2016
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List of open source Ember 2.x applications

Elegant and beautifully implemented Ember 2.x applications.

Each app and repo is a perfect example to poke around when learning Ember 2.x framework

Ember 2.x, Ember Data github repo (same repo for both frontend and backend)

  • OAuth2
  • JSONAPIAdapter
  • Rails backend (JSONAPI resources)


Ember 2.x, Ember Data github repo

  • ActiveModelAdapter
  • JSONSerializer
  • $.ajax

Ruby / Rails API github repo

  • Active Model Serializers (rust-lang)

Ember 2.x, Ember Data, ember-cli-mirage github repo

  • simple interaction with API based on RESTAdapter/RESTSerializer
  • RESTAdapter
  • RESTSerializer

Rancher (container-orchestration platform)

Ember 2.x Ember Data with custom api-store, complex data and setup github repo


Start with global overview of the framework - to learn patterns and common idioms

Continue with screencasts on particular topic of interest

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