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Created Jun 17, 2016

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Python script to extract video urls and subtitles from Microsoft Virtual Academy.
__author__ = "Ali Bahraminezhad -"
__license__ = "GPL"
__version__ = "1.0.0"
__maintainer__ = "Ali Bahraminezhad"
import re
import os
import tempfile
import json
import urllib.request
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from urllib.parse import urlparse
# url patterns to downlaod and get course strucutres from Microsoft Virtual Academy
urlPattern = "{}?languageId=12"
courseDetailsPattern = "{}/en-us/coursedetails.xml"
manifestPattern = "{}/en-us/imsmanifestlite.json"
videoPattern = "{}/en-us/content/content_{}/videosettings.xml"
subtitlePattern = "{}/en-us/{}"
"""Replace all \/ with /"""
def fix_slash(str):
return str.replace('\/', '/')
"""Replace some invalid characters for filenames"""
def fix_name(str):
not_allowed_chars = ['!', '<', '>', '?', '*', '|', '"', ':', '/', '\\', '.']
for char in not_allowed_chars:
str = str.replace(char, ' ').strip();
return str
"""Windows clear console"""
def cls():
"""Download html from a URL with utf-8-sig encoding"""
def download_string(url):
response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
data =
return data.decode('utf-8-sig')
"""Download and save html/text with utf-8-encoding and save it to the disk"""
def download_and_save(url, filePath):
with open(filePath, mode='w', encoding='utf-8') as a_file:
"""Append string to a text file"""
def append_to_file(str, filePath):
with open(filePath, "a") as myfile:
"""Create a text file with some string"""
def create_text_file(str, filePath):
with open(filePath, mode='w', encoding='utf-8') as a_file:
"""Use regex to extract course id from MVA urls"""
def extract_cource_id(url):
url = urlparse(url).path
return'-(\d*)$', url).group(1)
"""Use regex to extract complete course id from MVA xmls"""
def extract_main_cource_id(url):
return'(\d+-\d+)', url).group(1)
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Course titles will store here
titles = []
# Each video course has a subtitle, subtitle links will store here
subtitles = []
# Depands on the course, each course might have several video qualities
# Urls will store here by their quality
courseItems = {
'1080p': [],
'720p': [],
'540p': [],
'360p': [],
# Let the game begins
courceUrl = input("Enter course url:")
courseId = extract_cource_id(courceUrl)
print('Getting course details, pelase wait...')
# get the main url
mainUrl = fix_slash(download_string(urlPattern.format(courseId)))
mainCourseId = extract_main_cource_id(mainUrl)
print('Error: Course URL IS NOT VALID')
raise SystemExit
# download course data
courseDetails = ET.fromstring(download_string(courseDetailsPattern.format(mainCourseId)))
manifest = json.loads(download_string(manifestPattern.format(mainCourseId)))['manifest']
# print course data
# getting table of contents
print("Getting table of contents, video links and subtitles, please wait ...")
for item in manifest['organizations']['organization']:
for i in item['item']:
for j in i['item']:
# getting video urls
if j['resource']['metadata']['learningresourcetype'].lower() == 'video':
videoSetting = ET.fromstring(download_string(videoPattern.format(mainCourseId, j['@identifier'].lower())))
# extract download links and subtitle
videos = videoSetting.find(".//MediaSources[@videoType='progressive']")
subtitle = videoSetting.find(".//MarkerResourceSource[@type='ttml']")
if subtitle != None and subtitle.text != None:
subtitles.append(subtitlePattern.format(mainCourseId, subtitle.text))
for video in videos:
# create directory for downloaded files
projectDir = './' + fix_name(manifest['metadata']['title'])
subtitleDir = projectDir + '/subtitles/'
if not os.path.exists(projectDir):
# download subtitles by user desire
if len(subtitles) > 0:
downloadSubtitles = input('Would you like to download subttiles? (y/n)')
if downloadSubtitles.lower() == 'y':
print('Downloading subtitles, please wait ...')
for counter in range(0, len(subtitles)):
download_and_save(subtitles[counter], '{}/{}-{}{}'.format(subtitleDir,(counter + 1), fix_name(titles[counter]), '.ttml'))
print('Exporting video links, please wait ...')
# save download links into text files
for quality, links in courseItems.items():
# create a empty file for quality
txt_quality_file_path = './{}/{}.txt'.format(projectDir, quality)
create_text_file('', txt_quality_file_path)
if len(links) == 0:
counter = 0
for url in links:
append_to_file(titles[counter], txt_quality_file_path)
append_to_file('\n', txt_quality_file_path)
append_to_file(url, txt_quality_file_path)
append_to_file('\n\n', txt_quality_file_path)
counter = counter + 1
print('Files saved in "{}"'.format(os.path.abspath(projectDir)))
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