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alainassaf/drain-xaserverb.ps1 Secret

Last active Mar 6, 2017
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drain-xaserver.ps1 gist 2
# Get the assigned Logon Mode
$xaLogonMode = $isServer.LogOnMode.ToString()
if ($xaLogonMode -eq "ProhibitNewLogOnsUntilRestart") {
Write-Verbose "Server set to ProhibitNewLogOnsUntilRestart"
$canDrain = $true
} elseif ($xaLogonMode -eq "ProhibitNewLogOns") {
Write-Verbose "Server set to ProhibitNewLogOns"
$canDrain = $true
} elseif ($xaLogonMode -eq "ProhibitLogOns") {
Write-Verbose "Server set to ProhibitLogOns"
$canDrain = $true
} else {
Write-Verbose "Server set to AllowLogOns"
$canDrain = $false
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