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Created November 12, 2012 16:58
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How to use the AGameData class (Citrus Engine recipe)
// The AGameData class is an abstract (it should be extend) and dynamic class (you won't have problem
// to access its chidren properties, be careful your IDE may not indicate children properties).
public class MyGameData extends AGameData {
public function MyGameData() {
_levels = [[Level1, "levels/A1/LevelA1.swf"], [Level2, "levels/A2/LevelA2.swf"]];
public function get levels():Array {
return _levels;
// In your Main class :
gameData = new MyGameData();
// Combine it with the Level Manager (if used) :
levelManager.levels = gameData.levels;
// In your GameState you can access its properties this way :
var ce:CitrusEngine = CitrusEngine.getInstance();
ce.gameData.lives = 4;
// When the data changes, it dispatches a Signal. Be sure to register it before any gameData's properties update.
private function onDataChanged(data:String, value:Object):void {
if (data == "lives" && value == 0)
trace("game over");
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