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Hey Folks !

Since we switched to Crashalytics, we're getting interesting emails of some failures that are happening on our application. None of them are urgent, however, it'd be awesome to consolidate our naming strategy to identify faster the point of failure.

With the refactor, there was a big effort on restructuring the system and split it into subsystems. The project ended up in a great spot and it's now easier to rationalize. In order to move this effort further, I'd like to propose an idea that could help organize the subsystems at a conceptual level.

After the conceptual organization is finished, the hypothesis is that tackling the technical side of the problem, would become an easier task.

Naming domains

Root Namespace (System)


Stems (Subsystem)






Leafs (component)








Possible current conversions

com.lumosity.workoutSession into com.lumosity.trainer.gameMissingHandler

Looking forward for your thoughts.

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