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Red Axes - The Watkins (as background, melodies, cheerful) Red Axes - Queen Spade (minimal, transitioner) Red Axes - Red River (melancholic melody, long notes) Red Axes - Kicks Out of you (Rough vocals, dry beat, groovy) Red Axes - Too Late To Samba (Techno ish, groove) Red Axes - Pil Sagol (deep light melodic)

Margot - Magico Disco (disco groove, good on its own, deep , nice beat drop)

Moscoman - Devoue (Manfredas Remix) (Strange melody, trippy) C.A.R. - Angelina (Manfredas Instrumental) (cowbell, dark techo) Manfredas - Uumellmahaye (trippy bass line) Manfredas - Pink Industry (super trippy)

Khidja - Indecis (Red Axes Remix) (Trippy, dark techno, good)

Boot & Tax - Dancin (minimal, disco like, good) Boot & Tax - Niente per Niente (groove, disco, high pitch melody) KiNK - Cloud Generator (energetic, groove, bodzin like) Barnt - Chappell (Just beats, industrial shit) TELEPOPMUSIK "Sound" (Manfredas rmx) (Dark deep techo)

Eric Prydz - Opus (Four Tet Remix) (you know it) Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil's Dancers (Old Electronica, vocals)

Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix) (Glider, bodzin like)

Jos & Eli - Lost Inside (Original Mix) (Bodzin like)

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