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cansniffer command options to read CAN frames using can-utils
const char manual [] = {
"commands that can be entered at runtime:\n"
"q<ENTER> - quit\n"
"b<ENTER> - toggle binary / HEX-ASCII output\n"
"B<ENTER> - toggle binary with gap / HEX-ASCII output (exceeds 80 chars!)\n"
"c<ENTER> - toggle color mode\n"
"#<ENTER> - notch currently marked/changed bits (can be used repeatedly)\n"
"*<ENTER> - clear notched marked\n"
"rMYNAME<ENTER> - read settings file (filter/notch)\n"
"wMYNAME<ENTER> - write settings file (filter/notch)\n"
"+FILTER<ENTER> - add CAN-IDs to sniff\n"
"-FILTER<ENTER> - remove CAN-IDs to sniff\n"
"FILTER can be a single CAN-ID or a CAN-ID/Bitmask:\n"
"+1F5<ENTER> - add CAN-ID 0x1F5\n"
"-42E<ENTER> - remove CAN-ID 0x42E\n"
"-42E7FF<ENTER> - remove CAN-ID 0x42E (using Bitmask)\n"
"-500700<ENTER> - remove CAN-IDs 0x500 - 0x5FF\n"
"+400600<ENTER> - add CAN-IDs 0x400 - 0x5FF\n"
"+000000<ENTER> - add all CAN-IDs\n"
"-000000<ENTER> - remove all CAN-IDs\n"
"if (id & filter) == (sniff-id & filter) the action (+/-) is performed,\n"
"which is quite easy when the filter is 000\n"
fprintf(stderr, "\nUsage: %s [can-interface]\n", prg);
fprintf(stderr, "Options: -m <mask> (initial FILTER default 0x00000000)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -v <value> (initial FILTER default 0x00000000)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -q (quiet - all IDs deactivated)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -r <name> (read %sname from file)\n", SETFNAME);
fprintf(stderr, " -b (start with binary mode)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -B (start with binary mode with gap - exceeds 80 chars!)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -c (color changes)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -f (filter on CAN-ID only)\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -t <time> (timeout for ID display [x10ms] default: %d, 0 = OFF)\n", TIMEOUT);
fprintf(stderr, " -h <time> (hold marker on changes [x10ms] default: %d)\n", HOLD);
fprintf(stderr, " -l <time> (loop time (display) [x10ms] default: %d)\n", LOOP);
fprintf(stderr, "Use interface name '%s' to receive from all can-interfaces\n", ANYDEV);
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
fprintf(stderr, "%s", manual);
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