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alanbuxton / ner_with_and_without_iob.ipynb
Created Jan 1, 2021
Compare use of IOB vs non-IOB tags in NER
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Data extracted from
This is extracted verbatim, including punctuation, from the wikipedia page. So there will be entries for both Ltd and Ltd. depending on what was written on the page.
Be careful with unicode data, because, e.g.
'KT vs КТ'.lower() == 'kt vs кт'
Just because it looks the same doesn't mean the characters are the same
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describe ("accessing local storage", function() {
function logLocalStorage() {
Object.keys(localStorage).forEach(key => {
cy.log(key + ": " + localStorage[key])
// if local storage exists it will be logged out here because afterEach happens after each test completes
afterEach(() => {
alanbuxton / cabal
Last active Feb 9, 2018
cabal vs ghc-mod part 2
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alan@alan-haskell01:~/tmp-ghc-mod$ cat tmp-ghc-mod.cabal
-- Initial tmp-ghc-mod.cabal generated by cabal init. For further
-- documentation, see
name: tmp-ghc-mod
-- synopsis:
-- description:
-- license:
license-file: LICENSE