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(set-env! :source-paths #{"src"})
(require '[boot.core :as core]
'[boot.util :as util]
'[ :as io])
(core/deftask string-template
"Does the thing"
[f template-file VALUE str "Name of the template file to use"
t target-file VALUE str "Name of the output file to produce"
p placeholder VALUE str "The placeholder to recognize and replace"
c content VALUE str "Content to replace placeholder with"]
(core/with-pre-wrap [fs]
(let [tmpd (core/tmp-dir!)]
(if-let [template-file (some->> (core/input-files fs)
(core/by-name [template-file])
(let [template-content (slurp template-file)
output-file (doto (io/file tmpd target-file) io/make-parents)
quoted-placeholder (java.util.regex.Pattern/quote placeholder)]
(spit output-file (.replaceAll template-content quoted-placeholder content))
(-> fs
(core/add-resource tmpd)
(throw (ex-info "No template file found" {:opts *opts*}))))))
(defn route-content
(get {:veganism "foods most deloosh"
:consulting "making fat stacks"
:community "its all about the peeps"
:about-us "we rule"}
"something something yada yada"))
(core/deftask make-page
"Makes a page"
[r route VAL kw "Route to do it for"
t template-file NAME str "Name of the template file to use, default is template.html"]
(string-template :template-file (or template-file "template.html")
:target-file (str (name route) ".html")
:placeholder "{{CONTENT}}"
:content (route-content route)))
(core/deftask build
"Does every last thing"
(comp (make-page :route :veganism)
(make-page :route :consulting)
(make-page :route :community)
(make-page :route :about-us)))
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