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Alan Edwardes alanedwardes

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alanedwardes / Program.cs
Last active Jan 26, 2020
Parse the UE4 Vault API to catalogue it in a spreadsheet (exports the JSON -> CSV)
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using Newtonsoft.Json;
using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
namespace UnrealVaultParser
class Program
View estranged-jenkinsfile-build-stamp.groovy
// Checkout and store away result
def checkoutResult = scm checkout
// Build a human readable build label
def buildLabel = [env.EstPlatform, checkoutResult.GIT_COMMIT.substring(0, 6), env.JOB_NAME, env.BUILD_NUMBER].join('-')
// Stamp the build config header file
def configFile = 'Depot/Source/EstCore/EstBuildConfig.h'
def buildConfig = readFile file: configFile
buildConfig += '\n#undef BUILD_COMMIT'
alanedwardes / EstScreenshotTaker.cpp
Created Dec 20, 2017
Unreal Engine 4 class to take and compress screenshots to a JPEG image, then raise an event with the compressed data.
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// Estranged is a trade mark of Alan Edwardes.
#include "EstScreenshotTaker.h"
#include "IImageWrapper.h"
#include "IImageWrapperModule.h"
void UEstScreenshotTaker::RequestScreenshot()
if (GEngine == nullptr || GEngine->GameViewport == nullptr || bIsScreenshotRequested)
alanedwardes / EstPlayer.cpp
Last active Dec 19, 2017
A client-side smooth crouching implementation for Unreal Engine 4.
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void AEstPlayer::Tick(float DeltaSeconds)
void AEstPlayer::UpdateCamera(float DeltaSeconds)
FVector EyeLocation;
alanedwardes /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Small script for backing up stuff on a linux server.
# Get the day number
day="$(date +'%u')"
echo "Starting backup for day ${day}"
# Sync all data to S3, excluding git and svn folders
/usr/local/bin/aws s3 sync /path/to/folder s3://bucket/folder \
--exclude "*.svn*" --exclude "*.git*" --delete
alanedwardes / stringurlencode.c
Created Mar 14, 2014
Very simple C method to perform URL encoding on a char buffer. Includes a quick and dity list of characters to exclude. Some compilers will prefer sprintf_s or otherwise.
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// ae - takes URL, puts percents in it.
void encodeUrl(char *out, int outSize, char *in, int inSize)
// Terminate our buffer
out[0] = '\0';
// Loop the input
for (int i = 0; i < inSize; i++)
// Get a char out of it
alanedwardes / logic_submerge.cpp
Created Jul 28, 2013
A Source Engine entity that fires an output when it's submerged.
View logic_submerge.cpp
// Purpose: Logic submerge - fires output when submerged in water.
#include "cbase.h"
// memdbgon must be the last include file in a .cpp file!!!
#include "tier0/memdbgon.h"
alanedwardes / estranged_materialsystem.cpp
Created Jun 11, 2013
A passthru material system for the source engine. Doesn't work very well.
View estranged_materialsystem.cpp
#include "cbase.h"
#include "estranged_materialsystem.h"
#include "materialsystem\itexture.h"
#include "materialsystem/imaterialvar.h"
static void AppendShaderParams(const char* shader, IMaterial *pMat, KeyValues *newParams)
int nParams = pMat->ShaderParamCount();
IMaterialVar **pParams = pMat->GetShaderParams();
View passthru_materialsystem.hpp
// Purpose: Implementation of IMaterialSystem interface which "passes tru" all
// function calls to the real interface. Can be used to override
// IMaterialSystem function calls (combined with engine->Mat_Stub).
alanedwardes / GetTimestamp.cpp
Created Nov 24, 2012
Get the Timestamp as a Char Array
View GetTimestamp.cpp
char* GetTimestamp()
time_t rawtime;
struct tm* timeinfo;
timeinfo = localtime(&rawtime);
char* time = asctime(timeinfo);
char* newLine = strstr(time, "\n");
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