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Letter no. 1 to Brexit Party MEPs for East of England, 2019-

Dear <name>

Congratulations on taking your seat in the eighth European Parliament. I hope you are delighted with your election and are looking forward to representing your constituents. I've been following the rise of the Brexit Party with interest over the last five months but am struggling to find detailed answers to much of your stated position on Brexit. I am sure you will want to set the highest standard of accountability and transparency in your new role -- putting the principles of Trust, Honesty and Integrity at the heart of our democracy, as your leaflet stated -- and as I can't find the Brexit Party manifesto published anywhere online, I would be grateful if you would consider carefully and answer the following questions about your Brexit policy:

  1. As you are campaigning for a WTO/"no deal" Brexit, why does the Brexit party seek to take part in the Brexit negotiations? Which negotiations are these?
  2. How does a WTO/"no deal" Brexit safeguard the rights of UK citizens living in the EU?
  3. How does a WTO/"no deal" Brexit safeguard the rights of EU citizens living in the UK?
  4. How does a WTO/"no deal" Brexit safeguard manufacturing jobs, such as the in the car and aerospace industries?
  5. What is your stance on the climate emergency? How does a WTO/"no deal" Brexit fight the climate emergency?
  6. How long will the UK operate under WTO rules before it concludes deals that are better than the ones we already have?
  7. How much more money would a WTO/"no deal" Brexit earn the UK in tax revenues than are currently generated?
  8. What is the Brexit Party's plan in terms of privacy and data protection with a WTO/ "no deal" Brexit?
  9. How does a WTO/"no deal" Brexit safeguard peace in Northern Ireland?
  10. What is the Brexit Party's policy for ensuring UK citizens continue to benefit from freedom of movement in the EU, the way you do as an MEP?

Finally, please could you offer me three improvements to the trade deals the EU already has with each of Canada, Japan and South Korea, that the UK could not achieve as a member of the EU?

I look forward to your response in due course.

Yours sincerely

Alastair Smith

Letter no. 2 to Brexit Party MEPs for East of England, 2019-

Dear <name>

Further to my letter of <date>, I have the following additional questions regarding the Brexit Party

  1. Why is the Brexit Party a limited company? How can I become a member and vote on policies?
  2. Do you share these views of the founder and former leader, Catherine Blaiklock?

    If you go into a hospital in Nepal, you get a bed but no sheets, no food, and no care except medical care. The doctor sticks a prescription on the end of the bed and your relatives have to go and buy the drugs and bring them back for administering. Your family bring in your food. That is how Nepal manages to spend £100 per year per head on healthcare.

  3. What are the links between the Party Treasurer, Philip Basey, and the Tax Payers' Alliance?
  4. What are the links between your fellow Brexit Party MEP, Alexandra Philips, and Cambridge Analytica?
  5. How does this organisational structure, and the ties to these specific third-party organisations, represent my interests as an ordinary East of England constituent?

I look forward to your response to these further questions, as I do to my first letter.

Yours sincerely

Alastair Smith

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