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Alex Blewitt alblue

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alblue / DragonListing
Last active February 13, 2022 18:53
Dragon Blitz from July 1983 Dragon User Magazine, for @retrotechtive
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1 DATA 86,32,B7,35,52,87,35,56
2 DATA 86,0F,B7,35,57,86,3F,B7
3 DATA FF,23,10,8E,00,00,10,BF
4 DATA 35,53,10,8E,07,08,10,BF
5 DATA 35,58,8E,11,FF,86,AA,A7
6 DATA 82,8C,05,FF,26,F9,10,BE
7 DATA 01,12,1F,20,86,8C,0F,03
8 DATA 86,20,B7,04,10,8E,11,DF
9 DATA 1F,12,86,04,10,E6,C6,86
10 DATA 69,C4,3F,5C,A7,20,31,A8
alblue / Moved
Last active February 16, 2020 20:35
Demonstration of JMH and StringBuilder/StringBuffer performance - original blog at
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This project has moved to
package foo;
import java.lang.reflect.Method;
public class Main {
public static boolean TEST_REFLECTION = false;
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
System.out.println("Instantiating Target");
Target target = new Target();
alblue /
Created October 4, 2015 13:36
Simple testcase to determine if inner classes or lambdas take up more space
package foo;
public class X {
public static final Runnable y = new Y();
public static final Runnable z = new Z();
static class Y implements Runnable {
public void run() {
alblue / .gitignore
Created February 12, 2012 10:29
RSS Importer for Jekyll