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Bash script for aggregating code-climate coverage stats across multiple parallel job runs on SemaphoreCI (e.g. with boosters)
# Configuration via Environment Variables
# COVERAGE_BUCKET name of s3 bucket where coverage files will be sent.
# AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY credentials for an IAM user with
# read/write permissions on the s3 bucket
# NON_COVERAGE_JOB_COUNT Number of semaphore tasks that do not generate coverage
# Defaults to 0
# Download the codeclimate reporter tool, make it executable.
curl -L > /home/runner/.rbenv/bin/cc-test-reporter
chmod +x /home/runner/.rbenv/bin/cc-test-reporter
# Where the remote coverage files will be stored. Ensures that coverage files for
# different projects, branches, and builds do not clobber one another.
# Don't try and send coverage if none exists.
if [ -d coverage ]; then
cc-test-reporter format-coverage \
--output "coverage/codeclimate.$SEMAPHORE_CURRENT_JOB.json"
# Push coverage stats from this job to central location
aws s3 sync coverage/ $REMOTE
# Remove the coverage dir after upload
rm -rf coverage
# The sum-coverage tasks needs to know how many different
# jobs will be contributing coverage stats. We can start
# with the assumption that the number of semaphore threads
# defined by SEMAPHORE_THREAD_COUNT will be the number of
# jobs, but if there are some semaphore tasks that do not
# generate coverage stats, we can subtract those from the
# expected count.
# Pull down all the coverages stats uploaded to s3 so far.
aws s3 sync $REMOTE coverage/
# Count the number of jobs that have been aggregated so far.
COMPLETED_PARTS=$(ls -l coverage/codeclimate.*.json | wc -l)
# If all the jobs have contributed their stats, then run the
# aggregation task and upload the coverage to code climate.
if [ $COMPLETED_PARTS -eq $PARTS ]; then
cc-test-reporter sum-coverage --output - --parts $PARTS \
coverage/codeclimate.*.json | \
cc-test-reporter upload-coverage --input -

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skylarmb commented Sep 6, 2018

This is awesome! Thank you!

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