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// enable comp-lint, this will effectively disable the live linter
"comp_lint_enabled": true,
// list of commands to run
"comp_lint_commands": [
// run errcheck to catch ignored error return values
"cmd": ["errcheck"]
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// ReadAll expects a pointer to a slice of poitners to some concrete type
// which implements Model (e.g., *[]*Todo). GetAll will send a GET request to
// a RESTful server and scan the results into models. It expects a json array
// of json objects from the server, where each object represents a single Model
// of some concrete type. It will use the RootURL() method of the models to
// figure out which url to send the GET request to.
func ReadAll(models interface{}) <-chan error {
// We expect some pointer to a slice of models. Like *[]Todo
// First Elem() givew us []Todo
// Second Elem() gives us Todo
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package main
// ...
func main() {
// ...
app.Router.Handle("/", wade.Page{
Id: "pg-home",
Title: "Home",
Template: "templates/home.html",
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package controllers
// ...
func Home(p *wade.PageScope) error {
// ...
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package main
// ...
func main() {
// Create a new wade app.
app := wade.NewApp()
app.BasePath: "/web"
// Set up routing
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"method": "static_path_find",
"params": [
"source_account": "ghcbddeFMRKW2UJJPwCVonfjoM8u8FKLpP",
"destination_account": "gr7GbiGNxK3vaiFEZEZiDJ3pU8qAwCy9H",
"destination_amount": {
"currency": "USD",
"value": "5",
"issuer": "g4h9WMQ6gbFHLAnVHZy7pEPueHbdLMXT8u"
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Verifying myself: My Bitcoin username is +albrow.
# A bookmarking implementation based on
# and
# and
# put this in ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc
# mark <name>
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import (
// askForConfirmation uses Scanln to parse user input. A user must type in "yes" or "no" and
// then press enter. It has fuzzy matching, so "y", "Y", "yes", "YES", and "Yes" all count as
// confirmations. If the input is not recognized, it will ask again. The function does not return
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// convert the ip address to a decimal
// assumes dotted decimal format for input
function convertIpToDecimal(ip) {
// a not-perfect regex for checking a valid ip address
// It checks for (1) 4 numbers between 0 and 3 digits each separated by dots (IPv4)
// or (2) 6 numbers between 0 and 3 digits each separated by dots (IPv6)
var ipAddressRegEx = /^(\d{0,3}\.){3}.(\d{0,3})$|^(\d{0,3}\.){5}.(\d{0,3})$/;
var valid = ipAddressRegEx.test(ip);
if (!valid) {
return false;