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While developing your awesome application, sometimes you are required to add a language change feature to your app on the fly. However, Android OS does not directly support this behaviour. And therefore, you need to solve this situation in some other ways. For more details see
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.SharedPreferences;
import android.content.res.Configuration;
import android.content.res.Resources;
import android.preference.PreferenceManager;
import java.util.Locale;
* This class is used to change your application locale and persist this change for the next time
* that your app is going to be used.
* <p/>
* You can also change the locale of your application on the fly by using the setLocale method.
* <p/>
* Created by gunhansancar on 07/10/15.
public class LocaleHelper {
private static final String SELECTED_LANGUAGE = "Locale.Helper.Selected.Language";
public static void onCreate(Context context) {
String lang = getPersistedData(context, Locale.getDefault().getLanguage());
setLocale(context, lang);
public static void onCreate(Context context, String defaultLanguage) {
String lang = getPersistedData(context, defaultLanguage);
setLocale(context, lang);
public static String getLanguage(Context context) {
return getPersistedData(context, Locale.getDefault().getLanguage());
public static void setLocale(Context context, String language) {
persist(context, language);
updateResources(context, language);
private static String getPersistedData(Context context, String defaultLanguage) {
SharedPreferences preferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(context);
return preferences.getString(SELECTED_LANGUAGE, defaultLanguage);
private static void persist(Context context, String language) {
SharedPreferences preferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(context);
SharedPreferences.Editor editor = preferences.edit();
editor.putString(SELECTED_LANGUAGE, language);
private static void updateResources(Context context, String language) {
Locale locale = new Locale(language);
Resources resources = context.getResources();
Configuration configuration = resources.getConfiguration();
configuration.locale = locale;
resources.updateConfiguration(configuration, resources.getDisplayMetrics());
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