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Created November 19, 2015 08:16
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Dexterity example: override nextURL
class BaseEditForm(DefaultEditForm):
def nextURL(self):
''' Try to guess in a smart way what will bethe next url
next_url = super(BaseEditForm, self).nextURL()
current_tab = getattr(self, 'tab_id', '')
if not current_tab:
return next_url
if not current_tab in self.wizard_tabs:
return next_url
current_index = self.wizard_tabs.index(current_tab)
if getattr(self.context, '%s_compiled' % current_tab, False):
#project is already compiled, and we return to the view
return next_url
if current_index == len(self.wizard_tabs) - 1:
return next_url
return "%s/@@%s" % (
self.wizard_tabs[current_index + 1]
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