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@aleb aleb/pitivi.rb
Last active Jan 30, 2019

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Homebrew formula for building Pitivi
class Pitivi < Formula
# Required to create a virtualenv with Matplotlib.
include Language::Python::Virtualenv
desc "Powerful and easy to use video editor"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "cb6f8a831383e698c2117ca7caec77b8167a6b2e2b0fb9c375e6a4f7c815b757"
head do
url "", :branch => "1.0"
# Required because we use 'msgfmt' in
depends_on "gettext" => :build
# Required because we use 'intltool-merge' in
depends_on "intltool" => :build
# Required because we use 'itstool' in
depends_on "itstool" => :build
# Pitivi's build system.
depends_on "meson-internal" => :build
# Mesonbuild's backend.
depends_on "ninja" => :build
# Required by gst-transcoder.
depends_on "libffi"
# Required because Pitivi is written in Python3. :)
depends_on "python"
# Required because without this installing pygobject3 fails with:
# Error: /usr/local/opt/py3cairo not present or broken
# Please reinstall py3cairo. Sorry :(
depends_on "py3cairo"
depends_on "pygobject3"
# Provides the GTK+ UI.
depends_on "gtk+3"
# Allows our SVG icons to be loaded.
depends_on "librsvg"
# Provides the GTK icons.
depends_on "adwaita-icon-theme"
# Provides gi.repository.Notify.
depends_on "libnotify"
# Required for building pitivi/coptimizations/renderer.c
depends_on "py3cairo"
# Required to be able to use GStreamer in Python.
depends_on "gst-python"
depends_on "gst-plugins-base" => ["with-libogg", # For the Ogg muxer.
"with-opus", # For the Opus audio codec.
"with-libvorbis", # For the Vorbis audio codec.
"with-theora"] # For the Theora video codec.
depends_on "gst-plugins-good" => ["with-gdk-pixbuf", # Required by the previewers.
"with-gtk+3", # For the video output sink (gstgtk).
"with-libpng", # For PNG images.
"with-libvpx"] # For the VP8 codec.
depends_on "gst-plugins-bad" => ["with-libvo-aacenc"] # For the AAC audio codec
depends_on "gst-plugins-ugly" => ["with-lame", # For the mp3 audio codec.
"with-x264"] # For the x264 video codec.
# Provides the video editing functionality.
depends_on "gst-editing-services"
# Additional codecs through the GStreamer Libav library backed by FFmpeg.
depends_on "gst-libav" => :recommended
# Matplotlib is used for drawing the keyframe lines.
depends_on "numpy"
resource "Cycler" do
url ""
sha256 "cd7b2d1018258d7247a71425e9f26463dfb444d411c39569972f4ce586b0c9d8"
resource "kiwisolver" do
url ""
sha256 "ce3be5d520b4d2c3e5eeb4cd2ef62b9b9ab8ac6b6fedbaa0e39cdb6f50644278"
resource "matplotlib" do
url ""
sha256 "7355bf757ecacd5f0ac9dd9523c8e1a1103faadf8d33c22664178e17533f8ce5"
resource "pyparsing" do
url ""
sha256 "0832bcf47acd283788593e7a0f542407bd9550a55a8a8435214a1960e04bcb04"
resource "python-dateutil" do
url ""
sha256 "e27001de32f627c22380a688bcc43ce83504a7bc5da472209b4c70f02829f0b8"
resource "pytz" do
url ""
sha256 "ffb9ef1de172603304d9d2819af6f5ece76f2e85ec10692a524dd876e72bf277"
resource "six" do
url ""
sha256 "70e8a77beed4562e7f14fe23a786b54f6296e34344c23bc42f07b15018ff98e9"
# Required to be able to run the tests in tests/
depends_on "gst-validate" => :test
def install
# According to
venv = virtualenv_create(libexec, "python3")
venv.pip_install resources
# We have everything and we don't need a PYTHONPATH.
mkdir "build" do
system "meson", "--prefix=#{prefix}", ".."
system "ninja"
system "ninja", "install"
mv "#{lib}/pitivi/python/pitivi/timeline/renderer.dylib", "#{lib}/pitivi/python/pitivi/timeline/"
xy = Language::Python.major_minor_version "python3"
inreplace bin/"pitivi",
"CONFIGURED_PYTHONPATH = '#{libexec}/lib/python#{xy}/site-packages'"
# Install also the tests, to be able to run them in the test method below.
(pkgshare/"pitivi-tests").install "tests"
(pkgshare/"pitivi-tests").install "data"
inreplace pkgshare/"pitivi-tests/tests/",
"return os.path.abspath(pitivi_dir)",
"return '#{lib}/pitivi/python'"
test do
File.exist? bin/"pitivi"
system Formula["gstreamer"].opt_bin/"gst-inspect-1.0", "gtksink"
xy = Language::Python.major_minor_version "python3"
ENV.prepend_create_path "PYTHONPATH", "#{libexec}/lib/python#{xy}/site-packages"
ENV.prepend_create_path "PYTHONPATH", lib/"pitivi/python"
cd pkgshare/"pitivi-tests" do
system "gst-validate-launcher", "tests/"

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commented Jan 30, 2019

This installed successfully, but upon launching pitivi I got:

Python(9820,0x10fd0b5c0) malloc: *** error for object 0x7f87efa36c18: pointer being freed was not allocated
Python(9820,0x10fd0b5c0) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
Abort trap: 6
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