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Work with ByteArray on an AIR Native Extension
* Project: ANE-Google-Analytics
* Author: Alessandro Bianco
* Website:
* Twitter: @alebianco
* Created: 23/12/12 10.42
* Copyright © 2013 Alessandro Bianco
import android.util.Log;
import com.adobe.fre.FREByteArray;
import com.adobe.fre.FREContext;
import com.adobe.fre.FREFunction;
import com.adobe.fre.FREObject;
import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
public class SendBytes implements FREFunction {
public FREObject call(FREContext context, FREObject[] args) {
try {
FREByteArray ba = (FREByteArray) args[0];
ByteBuffer bb = ba.getBytes();
byte[] bytes = new byte[(int) ba.getLength()];
String str = new String(bytes);
Log.d("ANE", "My ByteArray is long " + bytes.length + " bytes and contains '" + str + "'");
} catch (Exception e) {
Log.e("ANE", "An error occurred while reading the ByteArray", e);
FREByteArray result = null;
try {
result = FREByteArray.newByteArray();
FREObject content = FREObject.newObject("hello to you!");
FREObject[] params = new FREObject[] {content};
result.callMethod("writeUTFBytes", params);
} catch (Exception e) {
Log.e("ANE", "An error occurred while writing the ByteArray", e);
return result;
// After initializing the extension ...
var ba:ByteArray = new ByteArray()
ba.writeUTFBytes("hello world");
var reply:ByteArray ="sendBytes", ba) as ByteArray;

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Oldes commented Sep 23, 2016

Thank you! It is exactly what I was searching for and could not found anywhere.

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