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The best Rollup config for TypeScript libraries


🔥 Blazing fast builds
😇 CommonJS bundle
🌲 .mjs bundle
.d.ts bundle + type-checking
🧐 Source maps


  1. Install pnpm or replace the pnpm i part with Yarn or NPM.
  1. Run this in your terminal:

    pnpm i esbuild rollup rollup-plugin-esbuild rollup-plugin-dts -D
    wget -O rollup.config.js
  2. Ensure your tsconfig.json contains these values:

    "compilerOptions": {
      "target": "esnext"
  3. Ensure your package.json contains these values (and replace the my-lib part):

    "main": "dist/my-lib.js",
    "module": "dist/my-lib.mjs",
    "typings": "dist/my-lib.d.ts",
  4. Change the input: 'src/index.ts' line in rollup.config.js if needed.

  5. All done! Now do yarn rollup -c to build, or add this to your package.json:

    "scripts": {
      "build": "rollup -c"
import dts from 'rollup-plugin-dts'
import esbuild from 'rollup-plugin-esbuild'
const name = require('./package.json').main.replace(/\.js$/, '')
const bundle = config => ({
input: 'src/index.ts',
external: id => !/^[./]/.test(id),
export default [
plugins: [esbuild()],
output: [
file: `${name}.js`,
format: 'cjs',
sourcemap: true,
file: `${name}.mjs`,
format: 'es',
sourcemap: true,
plugins: [dts()],
output: {
file: `${name}.d.ts`,
format: 'es',
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