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A sample Proto project:
.title Item 1
label Some controls
label More controls
label Other controls

Rollup test

Note: this is a sample Proto project. For more information, see this walkthrough.

I think the rollup works best at 0.25s. Any slower and it feels sluggish, and faster is too abrupt.

$('.sidebar-item .title').on 'click', ->
$('label').each ->
$label = $(this)
console.log this
$label.on 'click', (e) ->
if $label.find('input').is(':checked')
"name": "sampleproto",
"proto_version": "0.0.4",
"script_libraries": [
"style_libraries": [
transition(prop, dur)
-webkit-transition-property: prop
-webkit-transition-duration: dur
-moz-transition-property: prop
-moz-transition-duration: dur
-ms-transition-property: prop
-ms-transition-duration: dur
-o-transition-property: prop
-o-transition-duration: dur
transition-property: prop
transition-duration: dur
border: 1px solid #ccc
width: 300px
sidebar_item_height = 50px
sidebar_item_padding = 10px
height: sidebar_item_height
overflow: hidden
font-family: Helvetica
font-weight: 700
transition(height, 0.25s)
height: 200px
font-size: 25px
height: sidebar_item_height + 1
padding: sidebar_item_padding
box-sizing: border-box
cursor: pointer
border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc
background-color: #eee
label, input
cursor: pointer
display: block
padding: sidebar_item_padding
&:hover, &.active:hover
background-color: #eee
background-color: #dfd
background-color: #ddd
float: right
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