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  1. docker image pull

  2. cd ~/demo/

  3. git init demo-project

  4. cd demo-proect

  5. git config

  6. mkdir -p source/images

  7. wget

  8. docker container run -it --mount "type=bind,src=$PWD,target=/docs-as-code" --rm --name mySphinx pandoc -f docx DemoLegacyDocument.docx -t rst -o source/001-convert.rst

  9. Image export vi LibreOffice

  10. mv *.gif images/image001.gif

  11. Edit image location -- something like

.. figure:: images/image001.gif
   :alt: Pandoc workflow to convert from one format to another

   Pandoc Workflow
  1. Add A title at the top

  2. runDocTools sphinx-quickstart

  3. Add to index.rst :glob: [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]-*

  4. runDocTools make html

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alecthegeek commented Jan 8, 2020

This is a demo file for a talk about migrating legacy documents into a lightweight markup language.

to get this file locally


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