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echo "Installing ingress controller..."
echo '
apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
name: ingress-nginx
labels: ingress-nginx

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am aledbf on github.
  • I am aledbf ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 6AFB C49A 3045 ADC1 6268 A244 7861 3601 6A8B A02A

To claim this, I am signing this object:

aledbf / Transantiago public
Created July 12, 2017 22:36 — forked from radutzan/Transantiago public
APIs REST públicas con data del Transantiago. Respuestas en JSON.
View Transantiago public


Transantiago implementó estas APIs para uso interno, por lo que no hay ninguna garantía sobre su funcionalidad, mantenimiento o futura existencia. Úsalas bajo tu propio riesgo. (Probablemente no es aconsejable que las uses para nada crítico.)

Paraderos alrededor de un punto

Estimación de parada (código de servicio es opcional, pero el parámetro debe estar presente aunque esté vacío)

Lista de servicios

View gist:9d62dbf11318168c85dd43e54cf5daa1
ipconfig | grep -E -i "IP Address" | grep -E -o "[0-9][0-9.]+"
aledbf /
Created September 6, 2016 15:41 — forked from totallyunknown/
Virtual IP with ExaBGP
#!/usr/bin/env bash
HOST_IP=`ip address list | grep "scope global" | grep -v "scope global lo" | cut -d" " -f6 | cut -d"/" -f 1`
GATEWAY=`ip route | grep "^default" | cut -d" " -f3`
View Transparent Proxy to docker

This is an example of using Linux Kernel's Transparent Proxy to route all TCP traffic to docker containers without having to resort to PROXY protocol which is not supported by some applications (e.g. sshd). To get the demo to work you only need vagrant installed:

git clone [this-gist] tproxy-demo
cd tproxy-demo
vagrant up
View haproxy-rc.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: ReplicationController
name: service-loadbalancer
app: service-loadbalancer
version: v1
replicas: 1
View storifyeditor-haproxy.cfg
log local0
mode http
log global
option httplog
option http-server-close
option dontlognull
option redispatch
aledbf / haproxy.cfg
Created October 13, 2015 19:58 — forked from GABeech/haproxy.cfg
Stack Exchange HAProxy
View haproxy.cfg
# This is an example of the Stack Exchange Tier 1 HAProxy config
# The only things that have been changed from what we are running are:
# 1. User names have been removed
# 2. All Passwords have been remove
# 3. IPs have been changed to use the example/documentation ranges
# 4. Rate limit numbers have been changed to randome numbers, don't read into them
userlist stats-auth
group admin users $admin_user
user $admin_user insecure-password $some_password