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@alekseykulikov alekseykulikov/.jscsrc

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Code Style: ~/.jscsrc and atom's linter + linter-jscs
"preset": "node-style-guide",
"requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers": "ignoreProperties", // for external APIs
"requireCapitalizedComments": null, // why???
"requireCurlyBraces": null, // allow one lines
"requireTrailingComma": null, optional
// personal style
"maximumLineLength": { // 80 is a goal, but sometimes it's necessary
"value": 120,
"allowComments": true
"requireSpacesInConditionalExpression": true, // a == b ? 1 : 2
"requireSpacesInsideObjectBrackets": "all" // force { my: "key" },
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