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// a.swift
public dynamic func f() {
// b.swift
import a
@_dynamicReplacement(for: f())
public func f_b() {
print("replacement in b")
// c.swift
import Foundation
import a
let file = URL(fileURLWithPath: "/path/to/libb.dylib")
guard let handle = dlopen(file.path, RTLD_NOW) else {
fatalError("dlopen failed")
$ swiftc -emit-module -module-name a a.swift
$ swiftc -emit-library -module-name a a.swift
$ swiftc -emit-library -module-name b -I. liba.dylib b.swift
$ swiftc -emit-executable -module-name c -I . liba.dylib c.swift
$ ./c
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