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Continuous love for learning
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codeinthehole /
Last active April 9, 2024 00:37
Python testing reference

Python testing reference

This document is a reference for common testing patterns in a Django/Python project using Pytest.


codeinthehole /
Created December 30, 2020 11:41
Python start-up file
# Python start-up file
# --------------------
# Ensure a PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable points to the location of this file.
# See
# Always have pp available
from pprint import pprint as pp
# Pre-emptively import datetime as I use it a lot.
import datetime
zxkane /
Last active August 19, 2023 01:31
get size of layers of docker image. Inspired by this post(
set -o errexit
source ./library
# Entry point of the script.
# If makes sure that the user supplied the right
# amount of arguments (image_name)
# and then performs the main workflow:
# 1. retrieve the image digest
# 2. retrieve the layer info of image
coltenkrauter / fix-wsl2-dns-resolution
Last active June 6, 2024 14:37
Fix DNS resolution in WSL2
More recent resolution:
1. cd ~/../../etc (go to etc folder in WSL).
2. echo "[network]" | sudo tee wsl.conf (Create wsl.conf file and add the first line).
3. echo "generateResolvConf = false" | sudo tee -a wsl.conf (Append wsl.conf the next line).
4. wsl --terminate Debian (Terminate WSL in Windows cmd, in case is Ubuntu not Debian).
5. cd ~/../../etc (go to etc folder in WSL).
6. sudo rm -Rf resolv.conf (Delete the resolv.conf file).
7. In windows cmd, ps or terminal with the vpn connected do: Get-NetIPInterface or ipconfig /all for get the dns primary and
paolocarrasco /
Last active June 7, 2024 22:59
How to understand the `gpg failed to sign the data` problem in git


You have installed GPG, then tried to commit and suddenly you see this error message after it:

error: gpg failed to sign the data
fatal: failed to write commit object


troyfontaine /
Last active February 17, 2024 02:21
Logging SFTP interactions on a Chrooted User in Ubuntu 14.04

How to setup SFTP Logging on Ubuntu 14.04 for a Chrooted User

Prerequisites: Using internal-sftp for sftp; rsyslog for logging

Step 1. Set up your chrooted directories

sudo mkdir /sftp/myshare
sudo mkdir /sftp/myothershare

Step 2. Create your groups for your chrooted users

wpscholar /
Last active June 11, 2024 13:57
Vagrant Cheat Sheet

Typing vagrant from the command line will display a list of all available commands.

Be sure that you are in the same directory as the Vagrantfile when running these commands!

Creating a VM

  • vagrant init -- Initialize Vagrant with a Vagrantfile and ./.vagrant directory, using no specified base image. Before you can do vagrant up, you'll need to specify a base image in the Vagrantfile.
  • vagrant init <boxpath> -- Initialize Vagrant with a specific box. To find a box, go to the public Vagrant box catalog. When you find one you like, just replace it's name with boxpath. For example, vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64.

Starting a VM

  • vagrant up -- starts vagrant environment (also provisions only on the FIRST vagrant up)