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#lang racket/base
(require quickscript racket/string)
(define prefix-rx #px"^\\s*;+\\s*")
(define fill-column 78)
(define (determine-prefix line)
(define m (regexp-match prefix-rx line))
(if m (car m) ""))
(define (strip-prefix line)
(string-trim (regexp-replace prefix-rx line "")))
(define (fill-paragraph lines prefix limit)
(define words
(apply append
(for/list ([line (in-list lines)])
(string-split line))))
(define assembled
(let loop ([completed '()]
[current ""]
[remaining words])
(if (null? remaining)
(reverse (cons current completed))
(let ([next (car remaining)])
(if (> (+ (string-length current) 1 (string-length next)) limit)
(loop (cons current completed) "" remaining)
(loop completed (string-append current next " ") (cdr remaining)))))))
(define prefixed
(for/list ([line assembled])
(string-append prefix line)))
(string-join prefixed "\n"))
(define (fill text)
(define lines (string-split text #px"[\r\n]"))
(define prefix (for/first ([line (in-list lines)]
#:when (> (string-length (string-trim line)) 0))
(determine-prefix line)))
(define limit (- fill-column (if prefix (string-length prefix) 0)))
(define slines (for/list ([line (in-list lines)])
(strip-prefix line)))
(define paragraphs
(let loop ([result '()]
[current '()]
[remaining slines])
(cond ((null? remaining)
(reverse (if (null? current)
(cons (reverse current) result))))
((= 0 (string-length (car remaining)))
(if (null? current)
(loop result '() (cdr remaining))
(loop (cons (reverse current) result) '() (cdr remaining))))
(loop result (cons (car remaining) current) (cdr remaining))))))
(define filled (for/list ([paragraph (in-list paragraphs)]) (fill-paragraph paragraph prefix limit)))
(string-append (string-join filled (string-append "\n" prefix "\n")) "\n"))
(define-script format-selection
#:label "format-selection"
(λ (selection)
(fill selection)))

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@alex-hhh alex-hhh commented Jul 7, 2020

This is a Quickscript for use with DrRacket, which can be used to format comments, as shown in the demo below. This is intended as a demo only and there is no support offered for this script.


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