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Notes for Modders - Starbound unstable update April 8, 2014
  • New function world.tileIsOccupied(tile, tileLayer, includeEphemeral)
    • tile (vec2) the position to check
    • tileLayer (boolean, optional, default=true) the tile layer to check (true for foreground, false for background)
    • includeEphemeral (boolean, optional, default=false) include held but unplaced objects such as a player's object placement preview
    • returns true when the specified tile position contains a material or a placed object
  • New function world.farmableStage(entityId) returns the current growth stage of the specified farmable object as an integer, or nil if the object is not a valid farmable
  • Added entity.applyMovementParameters and entity.applyMovementModifiers to monster context, with functionality similar to the tech functions of the same name
  • Objects will now retain their storage table when broken into items
  • Container objects can now specify a hook to be called when the inventory is changed (by players or scripts). Define a configuration parameter "containerCallback" in the .object file and set it to the name of the function that should be called, for example: "containerCallback" : "scanForInventoryChanges"
  • New .partparams configuration file format allows all part-specific skills for a monster type to be defined in a single file
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