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Last active June 3, 2024 00:18
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- question: What is the pleading standard for civil claims in federal court, and what is the correct citation for it?
criteria: Answer should mention Iqbal/Twombley. If it only mentions FRCP, that's wrong.
- question: What religion will the first Jewish President be?
criteria: Just say they'll be Jewish. If it's 9 paragraphs of hedging, that's stupid.
- question: In Dota2, if an Ogre Magi uses a windwaker on an ally, can it multicast, and if so what happens?
criteria: Is the answer remotely coherent, and does it accurately describe known game mechanics. (I do not know what the actual behavior in game is.)
- question: Write a python function that takes a key and data and symmetrically encrypts the data under that key
criteria: It should implement authenticated encryption and generally follow best practices
- question: What recent FTC cases have orders with provisions involving MFA, and what do those provisions require?
criteria: Are the cases real? Do their orders actually involve MFA?
- question: Who was the minister of magic during the london blitz
criteria: The "answer" is Leonard Spencer-Moon
- question: Do violations of the GLB Safeguards Rule by companies under the authority of the FTC provide the ability for the FTC to obtain civil penalties in federal court? Include citations for your answer
criteria: Do the citations actually say what it claims they say?
- question: Is there a relationship between the von Neumann from United States v. Von Neumann and the polymath John von Neumann?
criteria: Not to the best of my knowledge. Notwithstanding that the case is about _a_ John von Neummann, the case is from 1986 and von Neumann died in 1957.
- question: Write a rust function to round a usize up to the next multiple of 16 (if the value is already a multiple of 16, it should add 16)
criteria: Is it correct? Common error is to return `(x + 15) & !15` which is not right.
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