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- question: What is the pleading standard for civil claims in federal court, and what is the correct citation for it?
criteria: Answer should mention Iqbal/Twombley. If it only mentions FRCP, that's wrong.
- question: What religion will the first Jewish President be?
criteria: Just say they'll be Jewish. If it's 9 paragraphs of hedging, that's stupid.
- question: In Dota2, if an Ogre Magi uses a windwaker on an ally, can it multicast, and if so what happens?
criteria: Is the answer remotely coherent, and does it accurately describe known game mechanics. (I do not know what the actual behavior in game is.)
- question: Write a python function that takes a key and data and symmetrically encrypts the data under that key
criteria: It should implement authenticated encryption and generally follow best practices
- question: What recent FTC cases have orders with provisions involving MFA, and what do those provisions require?
criteria: Are the cases real? Do their orders actually involve MFA?

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  COUNT(*) as total_downloads,
const EC_PUBLIC_KEY_OID: asn1::ObjectIdentifier = asn1::oid!(1, 2, 840, 10045, 2, 1);
const P256_OID: asn1::ObjectIdentifier = asn1::oid!(1, 2, 840, 10045, 3, 1, 7);
struct SubjectPublicKeyInfo<'a> {
algorithm: AlgorithmIdentifier<'a>,
subject_public_key: asn1::BitString<'a>,

Guide to how fucked is SSL?

Thanks to Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Donald Stufft, David Reid, Allen Short, Zain Memon, and Chris Armstrong for review.

This is a guide for technical individuals to understand in what circumstances SSL communications are secure against an observer-in-the-middle (for all intents and purposes: the NSA).

package validate
import (
type validatingWriter struct {
w io.Writer
.file "t.3a1fbbbh-cgu.0"
.section .text.repeat_take_collect,"ax",@progbits
.globl repeat_take_collect
.p2align 4, 0x90
.type repeat_take_collect,@function
pushq %r14
.cfi_def_cfa_offset 16
alex / Cargo.toml
Last active May 4, 2020 03:07
vectorized contains4 implementation in rust
name = "f"
version = "0.1.0"
authors = ["Alex Gaynor <>"]
edition = "2018"
# See more keys and their definitions at
packed_simd = "0.3"
alex / gm.diff
Created September 19, 2019 23:40
diff -r 45d2f234c8a1 fuzzing/
--- a/fuzzing/ Wed Sep 18 08:37:23 2019 -0500
+++ b/fuzzing/ Thu Sep 19 19:40:40 2019 -0400
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
$CXX $CXXFLAGS -std=c++11 -I "$WORK/include/GraphicsMagick" \
"$f" -o "$OUT/${fuzzer}_fuzzer" \
- -lFuzzingEngine "$WORK/lib/libGraphicsMagick++.a" \
+ $LIB_FUZZING_ENGINE "$WORK/lib/libGraphicsMagick++.a" \
"$WORK/lib/libGraphicsMagick.a" $MAGICK_LIBS
package foo
import (
var Data1 = bytes.Repeat([]byte("a"), 1)
var Data10 = bytes.Repeat([]byte("a"), 10)
var Data100 = bytes.Repeat([]byte("a"), 100)
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [INFO] Terraform version: 0.12.6
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [INFO] Go runtime version: go1.12.4
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [INFO] CLI args: []string{"/tmp/x/terraform", "validate"}
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] Attempting to open CLI config file: /home/alex/.terraformrc
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] File doesn't exist, but doesn't need to. Ignoring.
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [INFO] CLI command args: []string{"validate"}
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] checking for provider in "."
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] checking for provider in "/tmp/x"
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] checking for provider in ".terraform/plugins/linux_amd64"
2019/08/12 11:05:13 [DEBUG] found provider "terraform-provider-aws_v2.23.0_x4"