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I am looking to build a simple GUI site that allows me to paste in some text, click "rewrite", and get rewritten, cleaned-up text back. This input text is ran through the Claude API to rewrite it. The GUI should be very simple. I just want a text box for input and a text box for output. I also two sliders on the side with labels on the ends:
Tone: casual on the left, formal on the right. The middle instructs the model to keep the tone/voice the same.
Length: shorter on the left, longer on the right.
Above these sliders, I want a model selector dropdown that let's me pick which Claude model to use. I also want a copy text button under the output textbox. The three Claude models are:
claude-3-opus-20240229. Display name "Claude 3 Opus".
claude-3-sonnet-20240229. Display name "Claude 3 Sonnet".
claude-3-haiku-20240307. Display name "Claude 3 Haiku".