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Tetris implementation in Clojure
(ns tetris.core
(:import (java.awt Color Dimension BorderLayout)
(javax.swing JPanel JFrame JOptionPane JButton JLabel)
(java.awt.event KeyListener))
(:use clojure.contrib.import-static deflayout.core
(import-static java.awt.event.KeyEvent VK_LEFT VK_RIGHT VK_DOWN VK_UP VK_SPACE)
(def empty-cell 0)
(def filled-cell 2)
(def moving-cell 1)
(def glass-width 10)
(def glass-height 20)
(def zero-coords [3 0])
(def stick [[0 0 0 0]
[1 1 1 1]
[0 0 0 0]
[0 0 0 0]])
(def square [[1 1]
[1 1]])
(def tblock [[0 0 0]
[1 1 1]
[0 1 0]])
(def sblock [[0 1 0]
[0 1 1]
[0 0 1]])
(def zblock [[0 0 1]
[0 1 1]
[0 1 0]])
(def lblock [[1 1 0]
[0 1 0]
[0 1 0]])
(def jblock [[0 1 1]
[0 1 0]
[0 1 0]])
(def figures [stick square tblock sblock zblock lblock jblock])
(def create-vector (comp vec repeat))
(defn create-glass[]
(create-vector glass-height
(create-vector glass-width empty-cell)))
(defn pick-cell [figure x y]
(get-in figure [y x]))
(defn mapmatrix [func matrix]
(into [] (map-indexed (fn[y vect]
(into [] (map-indexed (fn[x el]
(func el x y))
(defn rotate-figure [fig]
(let [fsize (count fig)]
(mapmatrix #(pick-cell fig (- fsize %3 1) %2) fig)))
(defn apply-fig [glass fig [figx figy]]
(let [fsize (count fig)]
(mapmatrix (fn[el gx gy]
(if (and
(<= figx gx (+ figx fsize -1))
(<= figy gy (+ figy fsize -1)))
(+ el (pick-cell fig (- gx figx) (- gy figy)))
(defn destroy-filled [glass]
(let [clear-glass
(remove (fn[vect]
(not-any? #(= % empty-cell) vect)) glass)
destroyed (- glass-height (count clear-glass))]
[(into (vec (repeat
(create-vector glass-width empty-cell)))
(vec clear-glass)) destroyed]))
(defn fix-figure [glass-with-fig]
(mapmatrix (fn[el & _]
(if (= el moving-cell)
(defn count-cells [glass value]
(reduce + (map (fn[vect]
(count (filter #{value} vect)))
(defn legal? [glass]
(= (count-cells glass moving-cell) 4))
(defn move
([glass fig [figx figy] shiftx shifty]
(let [newx (+ figx shiftx)
newy (+ figy shifty)
newglass (apply-fig glass fig [newx newy])]
(when (legal? newglass) [newx newy])))
([glass fig coords direction]
(= direction :down) (move glass fig coords 0 1)
(= direction :left) (move glass fig coords -1 0)
(= direction :right) (move glass fig coords 1 0))))
(def score-per-line 10)
(defmacro defatoms [& atoms]
~@(map (fn[a#] `(def ~a# (atom nil))) atoms)))
(defatoms *glass* *fig-coords* *current-fig* *next-fig* *score*)
(defn complete-glass[]
(apply-fig @*glass* @*current-fig* @*fig-coords*))
(defn done-callback [n]
(swap! *score* #(+ % (* n score-per-line))))
(defn move-to-side [side]
(let [newcoords
(move @*glass* @*current-fig* @*fig-coords* side)]
(if newcoords
(reset! *fig-coords* newcoords))))
(defn move-down[]
(let [newcoords
(move @*glass* @*current-fig* @*fig-coords* :down)]
(if newcoords
(reset! *fig-coords* newcoords)
(let [[newglass d-count] (-> (complete-glass)
(reset! *glass* newglass)
(reset! *fig-coords* zero-coords)
(reset! *current-fig* @*next-fig*)
(reset! *next-fig* (rand-nth figures))
(done-callback d-count)
(when-not (legal? (complete-glass)) :lose)))))
(defn move-all-down[]
(let [newcoords
(move @*glass* @*current-fig* @*fig-coords* :down)]
(when newcoords (recur))))
(defn rotate-current[]
(let [rotated (rotate-figure @*current-fig*)]
(if (legal? (apply-fig @*glass* rotated @*fig-coords*))
(swap! *current-fig* rotate-figure))))
(defn new-game[]
(reset! *glass* (create-glass))
(reset! *fig-coords* zero-coords)
(reset! *current-fig* (rand-nth figures))
(reset! *next-fig* (rand-nth figures))
(reset! *score* 0))
(def cell-size 20)
(def border-size 3)
(def timer-interval 300)
(def game-running (atom false))
(defn fill-point [g [x y] color]
(.setColor g color)
(.fillRect g
(* x cell-size) (* y cell-size)
cell-size cell-size)
(when-not (= color (Color/gray))
(.setColor g (.brighter color))
(.fillRect g
(* x cell-size) (* y cell-size)
border-size cell-size)
(.fillRect g
(* x cell-size) (* y cell-size)
cell-size border-size)
(.setColor g (.darker color))
(.fillRect g
(- (* (inc x) cell-size) border-size) (* y cell-size)
border-size cell-size)
(.fillRect g
(* x cell-size) (- (* (inc y) cell-size) border-size)
cell-size border-size)))
(defn get-color [cell]
(= cell empty-cell) (Color/gray)
(= cell filled-cell) (new Color 128 0 0)
(= cell moving-cell) (new Color 0 128 0)
:else (Color/black)))
(defn paint-glass [g glass]
(mapmatrix (fn[cell x y]
(fill-point g [x y] (get-color cell)))
(defn game-panel []
(proxy [JPanel KeyListener] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(doall (paint-glass g (complete-glass))))
(keyPressed [e]
(let [keycode (.getKeyCode e)]
(do (cond
(= keycode VK_LEFT) (move-to-side :left)
(= keycode VK_RIGHT) (move-to-side :right)
(= keycode VK_DOWN) (move-down)
(= keycode VK_UP) (rotate-current)
(= keycode VK_SPACE) (move-all-down))
(.repaint this))))
(getPreferredSize []
(Dimension. (* glass-width cell-size)
(* glass-height cell-size)))
(keyReleased [e])
(keyTyped [e])))
(defn next-panel []
(proxy [JPanel] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(doall (paint-glass g @*next-fig*)))
(getPreferredSize []
(Dimension. (* 4 cell-size)
(* 4 cell-size)))))
(defn game[]
(reset! game-running true)
(let [gamepanel (game-panel)
sidepanel (new JPanel)
nextpanel (next-panel)
scorelabel (JLabel. "Score: 0")
exitbutton (JButton. "Exit")
frame (JFrame. "Tetris")]
frame (:border)
{:WEST gamepanel
:EAST (deflayout (JPanel.) (:border)
{:NORTH (deflayout sidepanel (:flow :TRAILING)
[nextpanel scorelabel])
:SOUTH exitbutton})})
(doto gamepanel
(.setFocusable true)
(.addKeyListener gamepanel)
(doto frame
(.setVisible true))
(doto exitbutton
(add-action-listener (fn[_]
(.setVisible frame false)
(reset! game-running false)))))
(loop []
(when @game-running
(let [res (move-down)]
(if (= res :lose)
(JOptionPane/showMessageDialog frame "You lose!" )
(.repaint gamepanel)
(.repaint nextpanel)
(.setText scorelabel (str "Score: " @*score*))
(. Thread sleep timer-interval)
(defn -main [& args]

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@apg apg commented Sep 17, 2011

I'm disappointed that this uses STM, but it's awesome nonetheless!

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