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func checkSpotlightResult() {
boolCheckSpot = userDefault.boolForKey("spotlightBool")
if boolCheckSpot != nil {
if boolCheckSpot == true {
identifierCheckSpot = userDefault.valueForKey("spotlightIdentifier") as! String
if arrayForCheckSpot.contains(identifierCheckSpot) {
// print("Array title contains \(identifierCheckSpot)")
let index = arrayForCheckSpot.indexOf(identifierCheckSpot)!
let myIndexPath = NSIndexPath(forRow: index, inSection: 0)
self.tableView.selectRowAtIndexPath(myIndexPath, animated: true, scrollPosition: .None)
self.performSegueWithIdentifier("listenMusic", sender: self)
userDefault.setBool(false, forKey: "spotlightBool")
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